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How to handle conspiracy theories

Every ministry has its place so we will not take away from those devoted to finding out things we suspected maybe but could never prove to be true. The Lord will even use secular researchers to uncover the iniquitous works of our world governments and systems, but nothing would be more profound in this time than men with the vision and respect of a Daniel. Men who can send signed messages to our monarchs saying, "Thus saith the Lord".
The kingdom of God has prophets. We will hear as much as we take the time to listen to, we will understand near enough as much as we ask to know. The church of Jesus Christ does not need to get locked into battles of historicity with other religions. We simply need to shine the light of Christ in our world- His light is unquestionable, undeniable, and life changing.
In these last days men will rise up with strange powers, the elect need a firm grip on Him who is truth. Our prophetic insight and understanding of the book of Revelation will become more and more vital. There are many things that to look upon will cause many to fear. We need to be prepared to know that the power that lies within us is still greater than the things we don't understand (1 John 4:4).
It is crucial that even when we have discovered and uncovered all of these fantastical mysteries about the world systems- that we indeed follow on to know the Lord Jesus. Nothing else really matters. For you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free: John 8:32.

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